A little history about my shop

Hello! This is my very first blog post here on my new website. I can't believe I'm doing this. I started this home business in 2008 selling hair bows that I was doing for my first daughter. In that process I made the logo for my shop and I enjoyed that process more than making bows. I then realized that there was a market for logos so that is how I started my adventure. I opened my first shop on Etsy selling logos, business cards, etc. I was truly happy that I found my path in designing.

I stayed in designing but then with more kids, more birthdays, I started making my kids' party invitations. So in all designing concept I ended up with three different shops on Etsy, until I realized it was too complicated so I made one that I wanted to put all together and I called it "Our Life in Doodles" because that is how this business started, doodles, design, color on everything from invitations, art prints, business cards and you can see it almost everywhere. 

Now I started my own website, as Etsy gave me great years but is time to move on, to be independent and to be my own brand one day. I want to keep growing and I hope my shop, my designs can be part of your lives. 

If you are here from Etsy glad to have you back, if you are new in here welcome. 

Have any questions I'm always here to help.